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        Mahir Çipil has joined the VHV Turkey team

                                                     of the Treasury in Turkey, where he held various
                                                     positions in  the  Insurance General  Directorate
                                                     and the General Directorate for External
                                                     Economic Relations. During his time at the
                                                     Treasury, he was involved in tasks related to the
                                                     regulation of insurance companies, legislative
                                                     regulations, the establishment of the Natural
                                                     Disaster  Insurance  Institution  (DASK),  and  the
                                                     Insurance Information and Monitoring Center
                                                     (SBM),  among  other  responsibilities.  In  2010,
                                                     Mahir Çipil worked as a manager responsible for
                                                     Strategy and Project Management at Groupama
                                                     Sigorta  and  Groupama  Emeklilik  companies.
                                                     In this role, he oversaw change management
                                                     projects such as centralizing claims, technical,
                                                     and collection processes, as well as restructuring
        Mahir  Çipil,  a  prominent  figure  in  the  insurance   operational processes.
        industry, has joined the VHV Turkey team.
                                                     In 2013, he joined Zurich Sigorta as the Director
        VHV Group, one of Germany’s leading insurance   of Project Management and Organization. After
        groups, has been operating in Turkey since 2015   being involved in projects related to bancassurance
        and continues to grow steadily. The company has   integration  and  strategic  acquisitions,  he  was
        chosen  Mahir  Çipil,  an  experienced  professional   appointed  as  the  Director  of  Marketing  in  June
        in the sector, for the position of Deputy General   2013,  in  addition  to  his  previous  role.  He  also
        Manager  (COO)  of  VHV  Reasürans.  Çipil  will   became  a  member  of  the  Executive  Board.
        lead marketing, technology, operations, and legal   He  managed  tasks  such  as  brand  positioning,
        processes. It was also announced that the newly   restructuring customer satisfaction processes,
        appointed COO will also be a member of the Board   creating a digital channel strategy, and optimizing
        of Directors.                                products.  Additionally,  starting  from  2015,  he
                                                     took on the role of Claims Director and became
        Maximilian Stahl, Chairman of the VHV Sigorta   responsible for all functions related to claims, in
        Board  and  CEO  of  VHV  Reasürans,  commented   addition to his marketing responsibilities.
        on the appointment, saying, “As the VHV team,
        we  continue  to  grow  in  Turkey  without  slowing   Between  2016  and  2020,  he  served  as  the
        down. With the strength we have gained from our   Director of Marketing and Business Development
        experience of over 100 years, we believe that we   at Vienna Insurance Group (Ray Sigorta). In this
        have become an important player in the sector   role, he held executive responsibilities for various
        since  we  entered  the  Turkish  market  in  2015.   functions including direct and digital sales, sales
        In achieving this success, there is a significant   coordination, operational aspects of distribution
        contribution to our strategic steps to bring   channels, call centers, customer satisfaction,
        competent human resources to our company. In   internal communication, corporate communication,
        line with our strategy, we are pleased to announce   products, marketing, and digital channels.
        that Mahir Çipil, with his more than 20 years of
        experience in insurance, will take the position of   Between  2020  and  2021,  Çipil  was  the  Deputy
        Deputy General Manager, and we believe he will   Chairman of the founding process of the Insurance
        bring  great  value  to  our  company.  As  the  VHV   and Private Pension Regulation and Supervision
        team, with our strong capital and international   Authority  (SEDDK).  Later,  he  worked  as  the
        experience, we will continue to participate in   Deputy General Manager and Executive Board
        important  projects  in  Turkey  and  neighboring   Member  responsible  for  sales  and  marketing  at
        countries.”                                  Bupa Acıbadem Sigorta. Lastly, he served as the
                                                     CEO and co-founder of an insurtech startup.
        Who is Mahir Çipil?
                                                     Çipil has also conducted training on various topics,
        Mahir Çipil is a graduate of Hacettepe University’s   including  marketing,  digital  transformation,
        Business Administration department. He pursued   sales, project management, and insurance, at
        his MBA education in the United States at Cornell   various  universities and  organizations.  He  has
        University and in the United Kingdom at London   authored eight books, four of which are academic.
        Business School.                             Additionally, he has worked as a lecturer at Istanbul
                                                     Bilgi University, teaching project management in
        He began his career in 2000 at the Undersecretariat   postgraduate programs.
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