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        For 65 years, life has been on ‘Ray’

                                            are very high, which is why we continually  “We are ready for the next 65 years!”
                                            raise the bar and start each year with new  Erdoğan,  who  shared  the  company’s
                                            energy and motivation. We’ve added value  new organizational structure and its
                                            to a generation’s life, and now we are  goals for the 70th year with Ray Sigorta
                                            ready with all our energy to be there for  employees,  stated,  “As  one  of  the  most
                                            the next generation.”               senior executives in the industry, I would
                                                                                like  to  say  that  today  I  am  conducting
                                            “We’ve  gone  beyond  the  dreams  we  one of the most comfortable and peaceful
                                            set for today”                      meetings. At this point, we take pride in
                                                                                being beyond the goals we set years ago.
                                            Ray  Sigorta  CEO  Erdoğan,  reflecting  We are insurers, entrusted with the
                                            on  Ray  Sigorta’s  65-year  journey,  said,  health, homes, vehicles, and quality of life
                                            “I am proud to have led the last 8 years  of millions of people. We cannot afford
                                            of  this  story.  During  this  period,  our  complacency; we continue to learn and
                                            production  increased  from  445  million  improve for the better without falling in
                                            to 6.1 billion, and our market share went  love with our achievements. With our new
        Ray  Sigorta,  one  of  Turkey’s  most   from 1.6 to 3.01. We rose from 19th place  organization and our young and dynamic
        established and innovative insurance   to 9th place in the industry rankings. We  team, we are ready for a better era. On
        companies, celebrated its 65th year with   transformed from a loss-making company  this journey, we also say to our business
        all  of  its  employees.  The  65-year  story   to a company with over 400 million in pre-  partners and policyholders who walk with
        of the company, which has been creating   tax profit in its 6-month balance sheet. Our  us, ‘Thank you for being here, thank you
        value for its policyholders and business   equity increased from 98 million to over  for being with RAY.’”
        partners  since  1958,  is  filled  with   1.4 billion, and our total assets grew from
        achievements.                       427  million  to  7.6  billion.  We  became  The  Ray  Sigorta  team  had  fun  with
                                            one  of  ‘Turkey’s  Best  Employers.’  We  Haluk Levent
        Ray   Sigorta   celebrated   its   65th   collected awards by making a difference
        anniversary with its employees. During the   in customer satisfaction. We became  At the 65th-anniversary celebration held
        event held at the Esma Sultan Mansion,   one  of  Turkey’s  largest  brands.  With  at Esma Sultan Mansion, one of the most
        Ray Sigorta’s CEO, Koray Erdoğan, who   our  strong  financial structure,  technical  beloved  figures  in  Turkish  rock  music,
        reflected  on  the  company’s  65  years,   infrastructure that transforms traditional  Haluk Levent, took the stage. Ray Sigorta
        stated, “As an insurance company that has   business practices into digital, and our  employees  received  65  special  gifts
        been operating for 65 years, we know these   over 300 highly skilled employees, we will  through  the  company’s  65th-anniversary
        lands, and we trust in our experiences. Our   continue to create value and provide the  special  draw,  and  a  symbolic  65th-
        expectations for ourselves as a company   best experience to our customers.”  anniversary cake was cut.

        New Appointment at Türk Nippon Sigorta

        İlkay Akpınar was Appointed as Deputy  AŞ,  including  Reinsurance  Department
        General Manager Responsible for  Treaty Specialist, II.Manager at  the
        Technical and Reinsurance, Claims, and  Claims  Unit  of  Kadıköy  Regional
        Actuarial Units at Türk Nippon Sigorta  Directorate,  Corporate  Insurance
                                           Manager,  and  subsequently  Director  of
        İlkay  Akpınar,  who  graduated  from  Liability,  Aviation,  and  Special  Risk
        Hacettepe  University’s  Faculty  of  Insurances.  In  2018,  İlkay  Akpınar
        Engineering Department of Geology in  served as the Director of Corporate Risks
        1994, has been appointed as the Deputy  at a reinsurance and insurance brokerage
        General Manager responsible for the  company.  In  2019,  she  was  appointed
        Technical and Reinsurance, Claims, and  as the Reinsurance and Corporate Risks
        Actuarial units at Türk Nippon Sigorta.  Manager  at  Magdeburger  Sigorta
        In  1995,  İlkay  Akpınar  completed  her  AŞ.  During  the  same  year,  she  also
        master’s degree in Business Management  took  on  the  role  of  Deputy  General
        for  Engineers  at  Ankara  University’s  Manager responsible for Technical and
        Faculty of Political Sciences.  She  Reinsurance  at  Magdeburger  Sigorta  units  at  Türk  Nippon  Sigorta.  She  is
        started  her  professional  career  as  an  AŞ. As of July 3, 2023, İlkay Akpınar  also  a  Licensed  Referee  of  the  Turkish
        Assistant  Expert  at  Anadolu  Anonim  has been appointed as the Deputy General  Equestrian  Federation  and  is  proficient
        Türk Sigorta Şirketi AŞ. She then held  Manager responsible for the Technical  in English and has an intermediate level
        various  positions  at  Anadolu  Sigorta  and Reinsurance, Claims, and Actuarial  of proficiency in French.
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